First, sincere apologies to the soccer lovers as this article have nothing to do with soccer and Brazil without soccer might sound like a fish without water. The land of Samba, the King of football Brazil is a country that is known for its soccer more than anything else is. However, the place also has several other things to speak of apart from its soccer and ever-popular dance forms and here we will briefly highlight some other reasons for which people can look forward to take a trip to this part of the globe.

Beaches- Being a coastal country, Brazil boasts of housing some of the best beaches around the world and if you are a sea lover, this place is bound to grab your admiration.

Surfing- A coastal country, located near the sea, is expected to have provisions for water borne activities and Brazil not only have good infrastructure but possesses some of the best sailing locations as well as spectacular water borne activities that are certain to drive you crazy.

Cuisine- The country is a rich food hub where you will not only get a chance to taste a variety of delicious Brazilian cuisines but also find popular cuisines of different other countries such as the French, Italian, Moroccan and Thai dishes. Apart from this, seafood and fish is also an invincible part of local cuisines as expected from a coastal country.

Accommodation- Proper lodging facilities are necessary to make a holiday trip perfect. In Brazil, lodging is never an issue and you can expect to get housing facilities in all forms starting from messes, hotels and inns to hostels and guesthouses. For people who are looking for some unshared privacy, nothing can be better than the boutique hotels Brazil .

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