Black culture or African American culture is referred to as a contribution made by African Americans to the culture of the entire United States. The culture includes all the various kinds of contribution that a community has on the growth and development of an entire nation.  The black culture is very distinct culture of America. The original roots of this black culture can be found in Africa. With slavery and the civil war the culture took some abrupt changes. As black people were not treated well and discriminated their values, traditions and customs were not allowed to be infused with any other culture. However African American culture still got adapted and made its presence amidst the culture of the whites.

Today the entire country of United States is an amalgamation of both cultures integrated into one big culture. The culture had many facets during the slavery period which were accentuated. This resulted in a dynamic and one of a kind culture that we now live in. Black entertainment has been a very important part of this. Jazz as we know it was a part of the blacks mode of entertainment but its tune and melody reached millions of people throughout the country and then through the world. Jazz played a very important role in creating a culture for the people. Jazz then did not only provided black entertainment but very important social messages. For many years black culture developed in a different manner due to the social conditions of the country, however today it is one of the best infused cultures that cannot be separated from the other.

A culture is not only made by people but also by the lifestyle they follow. Dance, music, art and even the African American cultural movement are few of the greatest contributors of this culture. They did not only provide black entertainment but also created an environment of happiness and oneness

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