The world knows the painful history of the African Diaspora. Blacks were picked up and brought to the US mainland to work in the cotton fields and they were treated as slaves till the Civil War liberated them. By that time, generations had lived outside their homelands and they was no way for them to go back to their country, not knowing from where or which part of African their ancestors were brought. Gradually they settled in America and today, the Black History month is observed to commemorate the braveness and the sacrifice of the black community by celebrating their important work and remembering the important people.

The Black history month was first started in US in the month of February 1926. It was previously known as the “Negro History Week.” This was first started to commemorate the birthday of Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas, both of whom were instrumental in changing the life of the blacks for the better. This week long celebration later expanded into the month in 1976. Black people from all over America celebrate it in their own towns and states. Children perform to their traditional music and dance and there are recitations and discussions. Traditional African food is cooked and people are seen in their traditional attire.

There are a few critics of this black history celebration citing that the separate celebration alone is a kind of segregation. But mostly all the Black people welcome it as they feel it is something that upholds their identity. So be a part of the black history month and enjoy the rich heritage of the black people

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