Bristol is the capital city of South West England it’s an old city with modern day charm and a favorite amongst stags. This city is home to some award winning restaurants and pubs as well as there are plenty of activities to enjoy.

Let’s begin with one of the favorite stag day time activity that is karting and karting in Bristol is famous because of its availability and quality there are indoor and outdoor tracks in this capital city where you get the taste of the real stuff once you start racing.

You will get quite a few options to choose from like open time race sessions to prime sessions and much more, you will get every single detail about it before you get your car, it will cost somewhere around £35 per person and above and what better way to begin your day than to take a ride on a high sped motor openly challenging your mates and at the end of the day enjoying and remember it as the best part of your trip.

If you think the only thing you are going to get out of karting in Bristol is racing then you are wrong. There is food and drinks available at these places where you can grab a bite after the race but drinks are something that you should be taking after racing as you won’t be allowed to drive if you drink, so save the drinking part for the night.

bristol stag parties are as good as the race tracks they are smooth and wide and you have plenty of options when it comes to night time activities from clubs with renowned DJ’s to pubs with live music you can go where ever you want. bristol stag weekends are like once in a lifetime opportunity as there is no next time, so to make the most of it you must take what this city has to offer. You can get VIP entries and free drinks, you can dance and go crazy all night from comedy clubs to strip clubs you can enjoy all that and if that’s not enough get a lap dance you will get everything if you pay for it.

You can buy a package that includes things that you always wanted to do and if the main thing on your list is karting then there is an option to stay near a race track. You will get the best of everything there food, drinks accommodation and other activities too but the prime focus will be on racing a package like that would cost you somewhere around £150-£300 but the money would be worth the fun you will have.

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