The term slag night is also known with different names at different place, but most famously it’s known as the “Bachelor Party”, in commonwealth countries it’s more famously known as the slag night or the slag party. This party of planed by best man of the groom and some other friends, this party is given to give the groom to last a feel of freedom before the marriage.

The planning of the party can also be done by some planning company depending upon the budget or willingness. The slag parties are usually taken place in the weekends to extend the party for more than one day so these are also known as slag weekends.

The slag nights usually involves the groom and all his male friends who want him to enjoy his last days of freedom. The events in the party differ from place to place. In some places this party is given to honor the bride and is formal in nature, some place it’s a slag.

Events at slag weekend

The party consists of various fun activities that can be divided in to night and day time activities. The daytime activity involves the paintball, go cart racing, quad racing, shooting activity, bathing, swage tour, etc. these involves mainly the fun activities.

The night activities are more happening then the day activities. These involve excessive drinking alcohols, clubbing which also involves the hiring of the strippers for the groom and for other friends. The trend of steppers and strip clubs are increasing because this gives the groom freedom to be with other girls for the past time. The party also involves studio clubs with loud music to dance till the night ends. So the slag weekend is only meant to give the groom a complete blast before the marriage.

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