Do you have a passion for hunting? If so, then you know what is meant by hog hunting, isn’t it? If not, then let me tell you that in simple words, it is regarded as the practice of hunting hogs. These hogs are also referred to as domesticated pigs. What is more interesting is that since hogs cause a lot of damage to livestock as well as crops, the farmers will usually give you permission to hunt hogs on their piece of land. So if you too want to learn the art of hog hunting, then you should try to remember the tips mentioned below so as to become an expert hog hunter..

  • Always remember the fact that hogs can easily recognize human scent and hence, you need to be extra clever in order to hunt them. Hence, be very careful when you go for hog hunting and make sure that you do not draw the attention of the hog.
  • Moreover, do not ever think that you can kill a hog exactly like how you kill a deer. This is one of the biggest mistakes made by almost every hog hunter.
  • Hogs eat plants as well as animals. In other words, they are omnivorous animals. They move around in search of food and they eat whatever they get and whenever they get food. The most interesting part is that hogs usually mark the place where they eat their food by making burrows in the ground and hence, you can follow these burrows to trace the hiding place of hogs.
  • Also, when you are hunting during the night, make use of colored lights. This is because of the fact that hogs react less to colored lights even though they can see lights of any color.


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