Performers live for the stage and some time is indeed needed to get used to it. It is said that even seasoned actors and performers have butterflies in their stomach every time they come in front of the audience. But it can be safely said that stage organization and decorations can go a long way to improve the capability of actors.

That is because they feel more at home with the surroundings of the character that they portray on the Staging. Or perhaps, during dance shows and other entertainments, the lights and props used on the stage increases the visual appeal of the show as well. Here are some things to keep in mind when you set up a stage.

Too much is never good. So never overdo the props and other decorative items on the stage. That will only ruin the show. Use things only in the optimum amount and are careful to leave ample open space for the performers. If props are set up on the Stage design, then they should be positioned in carefully marked places to avoid any collision.

Also, they should be easy to handle so that they can be quickly taken in and out of the stage to prevent any loss of time. Bulky or poor quality props have often been the reason of downfall for many good shows. In fact, it is bets not to use props than using them with difficulty because you cannot afford to take any such kind of risk in front of live audience.

Props and decorations can also be used to advantage if you have to fill up extra space. Often you might be performing a one act play with few characters or there might be few dancers in a dance group. In that case, you can use the props and the stage space to fill in the gaps. You should also be careful not to make them feel forced or unwanted but they should be so arranged that they look a part of the show genuinely.

Other basic things to remember are not to leave any loose wires or corners of rugs and other props sticking out, resulting in a mishap on stage. With good event managers and designers, you will be able to put up a very great show.

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