Stage designing is an art. A play or a dance performance might be extremely well performed but if the stage design is not quite right, and then the audience may feel that something is missing. That is because their subconscious cannot be comfortable with the entire scenario though the performance was very good. Hence designing the stage is very important and here are two basic things to be kept in mind while preparing any platform for a performance.

Utilizing the Space- There are of course instances when there are no performers required, like in a one act play or in an absurd drama but the venue chosen has a very large space. Utilizing this space is very important and that can be done with the use of props or by the movement of the actors in such a manner that a lot of footwork and movement can be done. This makes the stage looks full and hence the extra largeness does not look inappropriate to the eyes.

Perfect Lighting- The lighting can also do a lot to enhance the mood of a performance. And with the tricky use of lights, you can further make a Staging look bigger or smaller. For example if there are lots of extra space around which cannot be utilized, the sides can be kept under darkness and the middle well lit. This will take away the emphasis from empty open spaces. Again, if you do not have sufficient props, the lights can be used to create particular mood.

With a good art director or even with the good use of your own imagination you will be able to design a stage perfectly, good enough for any big or small performance which will be liked by all.


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