South Florida is home to hundreds of tattoo parlours and thousands of young and veteran tattoo artists. Everyday, hundreds of people get inked in this sunny North American state. Recent studies have shown that as many 50 percent of people who get tattoos, later regret their decisions and try various means of getting rid of body art that they commissioned years back. If you are among this population, then it’s pertinent for you to have an idea about the different options of laser tattoo removal South Florida has to offer.  

There are various methods of laser tattoo removal South Florida has, including both manual as well as more innovative techniques. The main principle of all laser tattoo removal systems is to subject the specific tattoo covered area of the skin to a concentrated flow of light beams emitted from the laser device. These light beams work to break out the composition of the tattoo ink. The disintegrated ink particles are then absorbed by the body so that the tattoo appears naturally faded.

The number laser treatment sessions you need depends on the size and colous of your tattoo. Usually, an average sized tattoo requires two to four sittings spaced out over a span of four to eight weeks. The different treatments of laser tattoo removal South Florida has on offer range in prices starting from approximately $200. The modern laser tattoo removal methods are largely pain- free and have low chances of causing skin damage like scarring and discolouration.

One of the most popular methods of laser tattoo removal South Florida offers is the C6 series laser treatment using Q-switched ND-Yag Laser. It’s particularly effective in removing stubborn colours like green and yellow. This innovative new technology is being hailed worldwide for its high success rate and is recognised by all major health organisations including the National Institutes of Health.




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