What we know today as a stag party was known as Bachelor party throughout the world a few decades back. The party was held by the groom’s friend before the marriage day or a week before the marriage.. A funny concept though but it is a general thinking that marriage changes the lives of both the guy and the gal. After marriage they get more responsibilities and have to do things which please the opposite person and have to avoid doing things which they disagreed to.

Marriage is the first step to family life that a couple takes and all those wild things that they use to do before the occasion needs to be ended. Keeping such things in mind the friends of the groom arrange parties for his last night of freedom which is known as stag parties and similarly the bride’s friends arrange a similar type of party that we know as doe party or bachelorette party.

In such Stag Activities, stag activities include drinking as much as a person can, gambling, dancing with strippers, organizing pole dance and all such things that a boy cannot do after marriage.

Anything that the groom desire is made available to him and his friends talk about the day i8f they are married and if not married they help him to enjoy such frivolity. It is a night or a weekend of guilt free wishes that a bride or a groom can do before the day. And the special part of the entire thing is that a female is not allowed to attend a stag party and a male is not allowed to attend a doe party.

It is special party meant for only people of the same gender. There is no end to the limits. These days since such parties are held and organized by married men as well so there has been a change in the name and activities of such parties. The parties no longer belong only to bachelors, it belongs to males or females and hence they have grown famous throughout the world.


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